On Friday afternoon, 14th November, a few students from our school and an English teacher went to II. Gimnazija.

We went with two other schools and we were expecting something really good, creative and unique.

We met at school and went to Maribor by bus. In Maribor they were waiting for us, almost a full hall of people. We went to find our seats and waited. And then it all started.

The story was about a romance between young Romeo and Juliet, who were both children of two rival families – Montagues and Capulets. But two young rebels were in love with each other so much and they got married. But after their secret weddning, only bad things happened. Romeo killed Tybalt and was banished from town, while Juliet was horrified by her engagment with Paris. But then she drank a potion that put her in a death coma for 2 days (with this she wanted to avoid marriage with Paris). But Romeo didn’t get the news about her trick, he only got news that she is dead. His love was so strong, he just couldn’t live anymore. So he drank poison and died with pain in his heart, but knowing that he is leaving this world to get to Juliet. But then she waked up from this »coma« and found Romeo dead. She felt so brokenhearted, that she killed herself. And when the Capulets and the Montagues found them both dead they were terrified and sad. And because of the the death of the two lovers the families made up.

The story is unique and we will never forget it. The music arranges with very well thought switches in lyrics and vocals are unforgetable. Choir and solists were all great with strong and colorfull vocals taking up the mood in hall. We will remember choreography, which showed the young side of story. We were also amazed about costumes (which went perfect with music), they were extremely detailed and unique and of course very stylish – the theme of vintage and new ages were mixed up perfectly. The light show and video were all just big and very imporant details. Scene weren’t too corny, in a way it was poor. But what they did with it was amazing – so many mixed ideas went fast through our eyes, but left them amazed.

The whole show was the best thing we did in school and I hope we do it again sometimes. Now, at this point we should thank our tecaher and II. gimnazija.  And I believe that I speak in the name of all of us. We got exactly what we wanted, even more – and it was fantastic.

Eva Soršak, 8.a